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Blackoin's Proof of Stake

"In this overview of State-less/Epoch-less Proof-of-Stake cryptocurrency implementations, my objective ideally is to divide PoS implementations in two big subgroups, this being the first one. In fact, while all Proof-of-Stake implementations try and achieve the shift of work to on-chain economic value, a radical difference comes to how their own block primitive is structured; a group of PoS implementations always requires a certain amount of "Proof-of-Stake-only bytes" in the block primitive header, which is not work related. Tracing a line here helps us identify such a broad set of different implementations."

"Version n The greater your economic commitment, the greater your chance at producing a valid block. A fork of "nil-n" PoS, Proof-of-Stake version-n was first implemented in Blackcoin, as described in the Blackcoin protocol whitepaper. "

Interview with the Creator of Blackcoin

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April 4, 2014

Blackcoin is a scrypt based coin launched on February 24th, 2014 with no pre mine (neither the creator, or anyone else in the crypto community, had mined it before launch). Immediately after launch the coin garnered an impressive 20 – 28GH/s in mining power from the community, a tremendous amount of resources for a coin just being introduced to the market.

Not everyone in the crypto community agrees that BlackCoin’s way of disabling PoW is stable and secure. This should be proven by long-term practice.

BlackCoin is primarily a ‘store of value’ for much of it’s holders.

Global Perspectives & Solutions


May 2014

"Bitcoin is far ahead of other digital currencies in market capitalization but transactions in Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Blackcoin are significant as well."

BlackCoin Popularity & Value Soars Due to Revolutionary Leading Edge Features


April 9, 2014

BlackCoin provides inherently decentralized features that make it a safe haven for investment capital. Unlike ordinary crypto-currencies, BlackCoin has, for example, been hailed as the savings bond of the crypto-currency world.

First PR Firm to Accept BlackCoin Payment

Max Borges Agency

May 21, 2014

We accepted BlackCoin digital currency as a part of our client retainer from BlackCoin.

BitBeat: Blackcoin Tries to Stake Its Proof as Legit Bitcoin Alternative

Wall Street Journal

Jun 5, 2014

"Blackcoin would like you to know that they’re out there, too. The altcoin has been climbing the market-cap leaderboard, recently cracking the top 10."

BlackCoin Team Developer Creates True Smart Contracts and a Decentralized Exchange for Bitcoin and BlackCoin


Jun 19, 2014

This revolutionary protocol, called BitHalo for Bitcoin and BlackHalo for BlackCoin, will be not only the world's first "smart contracts" client, but also make contracts unbreakable.

Blackcoin First PoS Coin on Genesis 1 ATM


Aug 19, 2014

Blackcoin can now be accepted and distributed at Genesis ATMs, the first PoS coin to be accepted by the premium Genesis ATMs.

Blackcoin Pairs Added To Bittrex, And Other News


Aug 21, 2014

Blackcoin as a base currency comes as other exchanges appear to be looking for alternatives to Litecoin for their second or third base currency.

OK coin event

Bitcoin Talk

Sept 12, 2014


Huobi's Anniversary

Bitcoin Talk

Sept 13, 2014


LXC Coin crowdfunds in challenge to Bitcoin


Sep 16, 2014

The LXC Coin is based on the code from the world’s most famous cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, mixed with BlackCoin technology.

Blackwave Labs Is Using Blackcoin To Develop Tools For Protesting 2.0


Nov 26, 2014

Once ten members or more are connected in the network, tools open up that can help organize and coordinate activities and protests. Funds can be raised and transparently managed, digital tickets can be issued and redeemed using NFC or QR code and one Blackcoin can be broken up and distributed for voting, which seems like it would be a lot more effective than waving your fingers in the air.

Blackcoin Foundation: Development Timeline

Feb 12th, 2014 - Feb 19th, 2015


ShapeShift Releases New Tool Allowing Merchants to Accept Payments in 10+ Cryptocurrencies


Jan 07, 2015

When added to a website, users are then given the ability to deposit any of the altcoins supported by ShapeShift's exchange, including Litecoin, Peercoin, Dogecoin, Darkcoin, Namecoin, Feathercoin, Blackcoin, BitcoinDark, Quark, and Nubits.

Local Restaurant 'Gifting' App adding Bitcoin and Alts for Payment


Mar 24, 2015 is a local gifting app that goes a step beyond the likes of Groupon by allowing users to purchase items directly off of a restaurant's menu for their friends and family at anytime from anywhere. In an exclusive for Cointelegraph, they are announcing their upcoming acceptance of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Peercoin and Blackcoin, with more altcoins possibly to follow in the future.

Bitcoin Brokerage Anycoin Direct Expands to an Additional 14 European Countries


March 24, 2015

Apart from bitcoin, Anycoin Direct buys and sells blackcoin, dogecoin, darkcoin, feathercoin, litecoin, namecoin, peercoin en zetacoin.


The History and Evolution of Proof-of-Stake


Oct 15, 2017

This next phase of PoS history is called considered a pure proof of stake protocol without any mining and was first implemented by NXT on November 24, 2013. However, let’s consider another coin, Blackcoin, that was also a pure proof of stake that was released shortly thereafter as it has a simpler protocol and had a fairer initial distribution phase.

An Introduction to Qtum Proof of Stake Mining — A Racing Story


Oct 29, 2017

Blackcoin is another PoS blockchain (Blackcoin uses PoS V3.0, the predecessor to Qtum PoS). The comment identifies this code as coming from the Blackcoin developers.


Qtum’s Proof-of-Stake Consensus at a High Level


Oct 11, 2018

Qtum is built upon “Proof-of-Stake Version 3”, an improvement over version 2 that was also made by Pavel Vasin and implemented in the Blackcoin project. This type of Proof of Stake (PoSv3) is built for UTXO based blockchains.

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