Creating Docs

By creating a MDX file inside your /src/docs/ folder it will be created as a page; with the path defined by the filename. Inside all docs files you can define the following options:

titleYesPage title
descriptionNoPage description
imageNoUsed for og:image


title: 'My Example'
description: 'A simple description for this page'
image: /banner.jpeg
Wow, this is a nice page!

Embeding files

Sometimes you will need to embed well known services (like CodeSandbox, Twitter, or others...). You can simply copy-paste the link (powered by the awesome gatsby-remark-embeder). Make sure to check the supported services.

Code Highlighting


To show the title, just add it to your code block. (e.g. title=src/docs/example/wow.mdx lineNumbers=true)

1Wow, this is a nice example!
3It has line numbers from the `lineNumbers=true` variable!

Add your new page to the /sidebar/sidebar.yml file.

# This line is commented out!
- label: 'Home'
link: '/'
# This item is a list of items!
- label: 'Subitems Below!'
- label: 'Example One'
link: '/example-one'
- label: 'Another Example'
link: '/another-example'

You can also add external links:

- label: 'GitHub'
link: ''
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